Exploring Properties of Rectangles and Parallelograms Using Dynamic Software 
	Geometric Solids 
	Geometric Solids and Their Properties 
	Be a Scientist - Estimate temperatures using a Celsius thermometer.
	Comparison Estimator - Similar to Estimator but compares two sets of objects.
	Estimate - (use as a whole class activity) Select a range, display tick marks and estimate before  
         revealing the answer.
	Estimating Sums to the Nearest Hundred
	Estimating Differences to the Nearest Hundred
	Estimating Sums to the Nearest Ten
	Estimating Differences to the Nearest Ten
	Estimating Sums to the Nearest Tenth
	Estimating Differences to the Nearest Tenth
	Estimating Sums to the Nearest Hundredth
	Estimating Differences to the Nearest Hundredth
	Estimation - From AAA Math.
	Estimation Contraption | PBS Kids
	Estimation Valley Golf 
	Guess the Number - Develop your skills in halving and estimation.
	Home Run Derby Math
	Hot Stuff - Estimate temperatures using a Fahrenheit thermometer.
	Let's Go Shopping - Estimate by rounding to the nearest dollar as they shop.
	Math Journey
	More or Less Estimator 
	Round About 
	Rounding and Estimating - Numerous practice lessons and exercises.
	Rounding Off 
	That's Right - Estimate measurements in real-world problems using money.
	Weigh the Wangdoodles

	Addition of Decimals - Explanation followed by practice.
	Count the Money 
	Death To Decimals 
	Decifractator - Convert fractions to decimal equivalents.
	Decimal Darts 
	Decimal Detective
	Decimal Squares Blackjack
	Decimal Speedway - Game for one or two players.
	Decimal Squares Interactive Games 
	Decimals Cruncher - Addition of decimal numbers.
	Decimals of the Caribbean 
	Fraction Decimal Conversion - A Quia quiz.
	Fraction Decimal Conversion 
	Fraction Decimal Conversion 
	FunBrain Power Football - Multiplying decimals.
	FunBrain Power Football - Division of decimal numbers.
	Funbrain Match Memory Game
	Games from the U S Mint
	How Much Change? - Calculate cost of items and change from a set amount.
	Let's Do Lunch - Use a menu to order lunches that meet various criteria.
	Lunch Lady
	Match Fractions and Decimals - This quiz is in the form of a concentration game.
	Money Master
	Railroad Repair - Decimal addition.
	Review and Take a Decimals Test
	Rounding Off  - Rounding decimals to nearest thousandth.
	Scottie Nickel's Change Maker - Become a human CoinStar machine.
	Show Me The Money - Add using columns.
	Subtraction of Decimals - What is the difference between the two decimals? 

	Estimating Differences to the Nearest Hundredth
	Estimating Differences to the Nearest Tenth
	Estimating Sums to the Nearest Hundredth
	Estimating Sums to the Nearest Tenth
	Explore Learning
	How Much is a Million?
	Math Forum
	Math is Fun
	Math League
	Place Value by LinksLearning
	Place Value Puzzler
	Rounding Decimals / Whole Numbers Games
	Rounding Off Decimals
	Rounding Hundredths Memory Challenge
	Rounding Tenths Memory Challenge
	Rounding to the Nearest Hundredth
	Rounding to the Nearest Tenth
	Rounding to the Nearest Thousandth
	Why is rounding important?
	Amazing Algebra Quiz-It
	Awesome Algebra Quiz-It
	Complete the Pattern - From
	Guess the Number
	Math Libs - Click "Lessons" then "Patterns."
	More Online Pattern Practice
	Number Cracker
	Number Pattern
	Patterns from AAA
	Pattern Practice Online
	Play "Crack Hacker's Cafe" - Break the secret code.
	Play Pattern Quest 
	Play "People Patterns" - Guess the sequence of the pattern.
	Rectangle Pattern Challenges

	ABCya! Learn to Count Money
	Cash Out 
	Change It! - Practice adding up all of your coins.
	Change Maker
	Coffee Shop
	Count decimals - Using graphic shapes.
	Count the Money 
	How Much Change? - Calculate the cost of items and change from a set amount.
	Ice Cream Shop
	Lemonade Larry
	Lemonade Stand from Class Brain
	Lemonade Stand from Cool Math 
	Lemonade Stand from Primary Games 
	Let's Do Lunch - Use a menu to order lunches that meet various criteria.
	Lunch Lady 
	Making Change - Count money and make change.
	Making Change at the Math Playground 
	Math at the Mall - Money and decision making.
	Practice Giving Change - How much change is due the purchaser?
	School Store - Subtract using decimals as they make change. 
	Scottie Nickel's Change Maker - Become a human CoinStar machine. 
	Shopping - Go on a shopping spree! Make sure you get back correct change.
	Shopping at Troy's Toys - Percent shopping practice.
	Show Me The Money - Add these numbers using columns.
         WiseStockBuyer - Math and Money Resources (thank you Ms. Sullivan’s class)

	Cameron's Trip - Multiply and divide to solve real-world problems.
	Computation Castle
	Farm Stand Math - Multiply and add to find the costs of food.
	Grand Slam Math - The questions start out easy and get a little harder as you go. 
	Help Sam Problem Solve 
	Math at the Mall 
	Math Hoops 
	Solve It - Each set of Math Videos contains five multi step word problems.
	Solve the Word Problems A 
	Solve the Word Problems B 
	Story Problems - Quia quiz. 
	Thinking Blocks - Solve multi step word problems.
	Word Problem Database - 675 self-checking word problems.
	Word Problems for Kids 
	Word Problems with Katie 

	Action Fraction - Racing game - add fractions.
	Adding Fractions with Different Denominators - You can change the difficulty level.
	All About Fractions
	BBC's Fractions, Decimals, and Percents Games
	Deci-Fractator - Changes fractions to decimals - interactive.
	Dirt Bike Proportions - Fractions
	Finding Fraction Parts 
	Fractions Quiz: year 3 Mathopolis
	Fractions Quiz: Year 4 Mathopolis
	Fraction Cafe: Add Fractions
	Fraction Cafe: Connect Written Fractions with Pictures
	Fraction Cafe: Convert Improper Fractions into Mixed Numbers
	Fraction Cafe: Estimate and Add Mixed Fractions
	Fraction Cafe: Find Common Denominators and Add Fractions
	Fraction Cafe: Identify and Create Equivalent Fractions
	Fraction Cafe: Quiz: Mixed Numbers
	Fraction Cafe: Quiz: Multiplying Fractions
	Fraction Cafe: Show Fractions Using Pictures
	Fraction Cafe: Work with Uncommon Denominators
	Fraction Frenzy - Reduce fractions to lowest terms.
	Fraction Pie - Experiment & play to learn more about fractions.
	Fractions Tutorials Written by Students
	Fresh Baked Fractions - A reducing fractions game.
	Hooda Math Fraction Games
	Interactive Fraction Bars
	Interactive Movie Lesson to see How Fractions Work
	Learn All About Fractions
	Ordering Fractions Game - Timed with answers.
	Ordering Fractions Quiz - With answers.
	Pattern Block Fractions
	Play "Cross the River" Fractions
	Play "Flitting With Fractions
	Play "Fraction Junction" - Choose the larger fraction,
	Play "Make a Match"
	Play "Tony's Fraction Pizza Shop"
	Put Fractions in Order
	Recognizing Fractions Online
	Review then Take a Fractions Test
	Saloon Snap - Fractions, decimals, and percents.
	Simplifying Fractions
	Soccer Shootout - Fractions & whole numbers.
	Super Kids Worksheet Creator Fractions
	Types of Fractions Exploration lessons - great for teachers - from in the UK
	Visual Fractions - Interactive teaching site for all aspects of fractions.
	What Fractions Look Like

	Comparing Fractions Game
	Comparing Fractions Quiz
	Estimate Fractional Distance 
	Flower Power 
	Flowering Fractions - Understand common fractions by using model representations. 
	Fraction Sorter
	Integers and the Number Line - 45 slides in a show with lots of good examples and 	
practice problems.
	Tug of War Fractions - A multi player tug of war game for comparing fractions. 
	Who Wants Pizza? - Work through ten interactive pages.

	Explore Learning
	Glencoe Self-Check Quiz
	Math Forum
	Math League
	Oswego Test Prep: Comparing Fractions

	APlus Square Root Flashcards
	Fact Monster
	Math Forum
	Quia Matching Game
	Spooky Sequences

	Comparing Fractions Game 
	Comparing Fractions Games - Two games; Dolphin Racing, and Ordering Game.
	Comparing Fractions Quiz 
	Comparing Integers - Comparing integers with absolute values.
	Comparing Numbers Quiz - 3 levels available.
	Computation Castle - A game that requires the utilization of several math skills.
	Decimal Order - Put the sequence of decimal numbers into ascending order.
	Evaluating Expressions - practice problems
	Fraction Sorter 
	Genius Boxing 
	Greater, Less Than, or the Same - Compare these decimals.
	Percent with a Calculator 
	Put Numbers in Order Game - Three levels are available sort 4, 6 or 8 numbers.
	Put Whole Numbers in Order 

	Composite and Prime numbers 
	Interactive Practice
	Number Cop
	Prime and Composite - Practice
	Prime Numbers
	Prime Practice
	Quia - Prime Numbers and Composite Numbers
	Converting Standard Numbers to Exponential Notation 
	Converting Decimal Numbers to Scientific Notation 
	Converting Fractions to Scientific Notation
	Converting from Exponential Notation to Standard Numbers 
	Converting Decimal Numbers to Exponential Notation 
	Converting from Exponential Notation to Decimal Numbers 
	Cube of a Number - Practice problems followed by a quiz.
	Division Using Scientific Notation - Two examples and seven practice problems
	Evaluating Exponents of Negative Numbers - Practice problems followed by a quiz.
	Exponent Practice - Try a workout of 10 problems. 
	Exponents - five practice problems at the bottom of the lesson
	Interactive Algebra Review on Integer Exponents
	Multiplication and Division Problems Using Scientific Notation 
	Multiplication in Scientific Notation 
	Practice Exponents
	Practice Exponent Shorthand
	Scientific Notation - interactive practice
	Scientific Notation Problem Generator 
	Scientific Notation Quiz - Ten multiple choice questions.
	Scientific Notation 
	Scientific Notation Problem Generator
	Scientific Notation Quiz 
	Hooda Math Multiplication Games
	Multiplication Table Game from BBC
	Play "Bonk the Moles"
	Play "Castle Quest"
	Play "Batters Up Baseball"
	Play "Click on Bricks"
	Play "Color Creations" - Earn paint colors to create silly pictures,
	Play "Color Sums"
	Play "Cone Crazy"
	Play "Farm Stand" -
	Play "Flying Math"
	Play Grand Prix Racing - Race your car around the track as fast as you can multiply!
	Play "Holiday Fun"
	Play "Jungle Gym and the Drums"
	Play "Jungle Gym and the Fish"
	Play "Jungle Gym & the Monkeys"
	Play "Jungle Gym & the Quest for the Tiki"
	Play "Math Models"
	Play "Math Space Shuttle"
	Play "Monster Math" - Paint some crazy cars.
	Play "Multi-Champ"
	Play "Multiplication Tunnel Blaster"
	Play "Mystery Picture Multiplication"
	Play "Robot Calculator"
	Play "Save the Apples"
	Play "Speed Grid Challenge"
	Play "Sum Sense"
	Properties of Multiplication
	Teach Yourself How to Do Multiplication
	Watch Video Lessons that Show How to Solve Problems

	Apple Baskets Division 
	Are You a Math Magician - Division practice - Answer 20 questions in 1 minute.
	City Blocks
	Divider Machine - Choose a level then click the button to check your answer.
	Division Games - Free math games for kids at Fun4theBrain	
	Division Practice - Find the correct problem to go with the answer.
	Draggable Division 
	Drag Race Division - Multi-player racing game.
	Lake Mathatobie Division Math Game - Select from three levels.
	Long Division Game 1
	Long Division Game 2
	Quia - Long Division
	Quia - Division Facts Review
	Snork's Long Division - Help Snork solve long division math problems.
	Sunny Bunny Math Game 
	Super Stars

	Arithmetic Four - A game like Connect Four.
	Challenge - Number Cruncher 
	Draggable Math 
	Flash Cards - Type in the answers.
	Math Mastery - Select operation and practice your facts!
	Mathematics Problem Solving Index 
	Mental Math 
	Pick a Number 
	Quick Math - Decide which operation is needed to complete the problem.
	Speed Math - Math facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
	That Quiz - Timed quizzes for all operations, from easy to difficult.

	Amby's Math Resources: Order of Operations
	Ask Dr. Math about Order of Operations
	Basic math tutorials - Written by students.
	Dositey - Mystery Picture Game
	Explore Learning
	Flashcards - Order_Of_Operations
	Funbrain's Order of Operation Game
	Mrs. Glosser's Math Goodies
	Practice with Order of Operations
	Operation Order 
	Order of Operations 
	Order of Operations Game
	Order of Operations Lesson & Practice Games
	Order of Operations - Workout
	Oswego Test Prep: Evaluating Expressions
	Oswego Test Prep: Order of Operations

	All About Geometry - From AAA
	Ambleweb Interactive Geometry
	Angle Activities
	Angle and Line Facts 
	Angle Measuring with Protractors - Acute, obtuse, reflex
	Angles Lesson & Quiz
	Bird's Eye View - Study geometric shapes from the air.
	Building Shapes on an Interactive Geoboard
	Dueling Pinwheels
	Finding "Nets" for Solid Shapes
	Geoboard Quadrilaterals 
	Geometry - Exploring Geometric Solids
	Geometry Games
	Geometry Quiz - Online with instant answers.
	Geometry Table of Contents
	Identifying Angles Game
	Interactive Geoboard - Like the real thing!
	Look at the "Real" Pentagon
	Measuring Angles
	Measuring Interior Angles of Polygons
	Online Fun Geometry Lessons - Click on "Lessons" then "Geometry"
	Parallel Lines Movie and Activity
	Play "Alien Angles" Game
	Play Cyberchase Star Gazing
	Play Geometry Matho Game
	Play Hidden Picture Geometry	
	Polyhedra Gallery
	Pool Table Math 
	Quiz It
	Review then Take an Angles Test
	Review then Take Geometry Related Concepts Tests
	Super Spirograph  
	Volume of Cubes - An interactive, build-it activity.

	Math Cats
	Measure It! Metric
	Measure It! Standard
	Metric Measurements
	Oswego Test Prep: Equivalent Customary Measurement
	Oswego Test Prep: Convert Within Customary Measurements.
	Oswego Test Prep: Equivalent Metric Units
	Oswego Test Prep: Convert Within Metric Measurements

	Area - Interactive review and test - from BBC KS3 Bitesize.
	Area Introduction - Counting squares, area of: rectangles, triangles, compound shapes, 	
parallelograms - BBC KS3 Bitesize,
	Area Movie - BBC KS3 Bitesize
	Area of Rectangles Interactive Lesson - Provides immediate feedback.
	Area of Shapes - From Math Forum
	Area Test - BBC KS3 Bitesize
	Exploring Area and Perimeter - Change the length & width and see how the area changes 	
- has a recording sheet - Harcourt School.
	Interactive Geoboard - Great for figuring area of triangles and rectangles.
	Movie Teaching about Area and Perimeter - Harcourt School.
	Perimeter & Area of Polygons

	Angle Activity that Teaches About Angles
	Angle and Line Review 
	Angle and Line Quiz
	Angle Introduction
	Angle Properties 
	Angles Quiz
	Angles Quiz from BBC
	Classifying Angles Quiz
	Complementary & Supplementary Angles Matching Game - from Harcourt School
	Coordinate Geometry and Angles, Lines, and Rays
	Learn About Angle Properties of Triangles 
	Measuring Interior Angles of Polygons - Not interactive, just a teaching page.
	Play "Alien Angles" Game
	Play "Basketball Geometry"
	Play "Cyberchase Star Gazing" 
	Play "Golf" and figure out the angles needed for a hole in one
	Review then Take an Angles Test

	Faces, Edges and Vertices of Cubes 
	Faces, Edges, Vertices of Octahedrons
	Faces, Edges, Vertices of Tetrahedrons
	4 Types of Symmetry - rotation, translation, reflection, glide reflection
	Combinations of Transformations Exploration
	Create a kaleidoscope
	Dueling Pinwheels - An animated introduction using pin wheels of rotations, translation, 	
and reflections.
	Enlargements Exploration
	Flips, Slides and Turns
	Find and Move Line of Symmetry for Shapes 
	Icy Slides, Flips, and Turns 
	Learn About Transformations
	Play "Bathroom tiles" - Practice your skills using a 4-quadrant grid.
	Play "Symmetrizer" and test your symmetry theories
	Play with the Shape Cutter
	Play with the Shape Tool - Use pattern block shapes to play and explore geometry 	
	Reflections Exploration 
	Rotations Exploration
	Rotational Symmetry
	Slides Flips and Turns
	Slides, Flips, and Turns - Movie format that teaches how slides, flips and turns work.
	Symmetry Coloring Activity
	Symmetry Demo - Great for introducing symmetry, reflection, and translation.
	Symmetry Game
	Symmetry Lesson from BBC
	Symmetry Movie
	Symmetry Test from BBC
	Take a Symmetry Test  
	Translations Exploration 
	Transformations: Flips, Slides & Turns

	Bar Graphs 
	Bar Graph - Change and add data and see the graph & data change.
	Circle Graphs
	Create Your Own Graph Online 
	Data Picker - Make a frequency table.
	Interpreting Data Activity 
	Interpreting Data Test
	Online Graphing Site - Enter your own data.
	Let's Graph
	Multi Bar Graph
	Pie Charts 
	Pie Chart - View & manipulate the pie chart.
	What's the Point - Coordinate graphing.

	Coordinate Graphing Lesson
	Feed the Bug - Help Billy Bug get to the food on the coordinate grid.
	Lunar Adventure - Plot coordinates (in all 4 quadrants) in this fun but challenging game.
	Planet Hop - Plot coordinates (in all 4 quadrants) on the grid in this space game from.
	Play "Dino Dig" and locate the dinosaurs!
	Play "Find Hurkle"
	Play "Graph Mole" and bonk the mole!
	Play "Locate the Aliens" - practice your coordinate graphing skills (4 quadrants)

	All That Data 
	All That Data Two 
	Central Tendency Generator - Create your own online worksheet.
	Jupiter Is Average 
	Mean Green Machine 
	Mean, Median, and Mode Calculator
	Quiz following the Mode, Mean, Median activity 
	Party Comedian 

	Be a Scientist - Estimate temperatures using a Celsius thermometer.
	Converting Fahrenheit to Celsius
	Hot Stuff - Estimate temperatures using a Fahrenheit thermometer.
	Interactive Thermometer 
	Read a Thermometer - Practice problems using Celsius degrees.
	Temperature Quiz - Measure temperature quiz with three levels are available.

	10 question quiz on elapsed time
	Comparing Time
	Elapsed Time - Answer the following questions dealing with elapsed time.
	Elapsed Time - Online game to practice elapsed time.
	Elapsed time clock activity - Be sure to print the recording sheet.
	Elapsed Time Concentration game
	Practice Telling Analog Clock Differences
	Use an analog clock and see the elapsed time.     Be sure to print the recording sheet.
	What Time Will It Be?

	Analyzing Games a Probability Quiz
	Another Online Spinner - Shows theoretical & experimental probability.
	Brain Pop Movie Explaining Probability
	Coin Flipping Page
	"Demo" Spinner - Set it up any way you like & spin.
	Figure This! - Scroll down to "Statistics and Probability"
	Fish Tank - An interactive game from BBC Education.
	Harcourt School Probability Games	
	Interactive Online Spinner
	Math Libs - Click "Lessons" then "Probability".
	Online Probability Quiz
	Play Crab Race - See which crab will win the race & test your probability skills.
	Play the Game of Pig against the computer
	Play "Probability Circus"
	Print a recording sheet for the dice game:  It's Not Fair
	Probability Demo with Spinners and Dice
	Probability Revision Practice #1
	Probability Revision Practice #2
	Probability Quiz 
	Probability Quiz #2
	Roll the Dice! - Probability experiment.
	Spinner - Set up the spinner any way you like and see the outcome.
	Statistics from the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Statistics
	Super Statistics Quiz-It - Interactive probability & statistics quiz.
	Superb Statistics Quiz-It  
	Take Probability Test #1
	Take Probability Test #2 
	Virtual Dice
	Web Dice - Choose the number of sides and the number of dice & roll!

	All About Ratios
	BBC - Skillswise - Numbers - Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
	Figure This
	Penguin Waiter Percent Game
	Percent - First Glance
	Ratios and Proportions - Quiz
	Review Percentages
	Review Ratios and Unitary Method 
	Saloon Snap
	Take the Percentages Test
	Take the Ratios and Unitary Method Test 
	Troy's Toys - Figure the sale prices with the percent discount given.
	Understanding Percent